November 7, 2010


FBF and I were invited to a 70s party. This immediately made me think of disco balls, bell-bottoms, polyester, and Saturday Night Fever. This being France, I was prepared for my image of the 70s to be a little bit off, due to my unfortunate costuming incident à la last year’s New Year’s Eve party.

So when FBF suggested we go as hippies, I went along. Despite the fact that hippies make me think 60s rather than 70s, I figured that France was just a little bit behind the times as far as the American concept of eras was concerned.

FBF and I in our 70s/hippie garb.

We were told there would 70s music playing at the party. Imagine my surprise when we walk in and are greeted by the grease soundtrack blaring form the speakers. GREASE. The musical. There were also people dressed up in 50s style costumes.

Curiously, the 50s weren’t the only time period before the 70s present at the party. There was also a girl in a flapper dress.

But unlike my prediction, there were people dressed up in disco appropriate outfits. There was a girl dressed up as a disco ball, people wearing polyester, and 70s style rock stars.

Although I’m not quite sure what time period I was supposed to find myself in, I did notice one thing. The French are really into perruques (wigs). Almost everyone was wearing a wig as part of their costume. It seems as if it’s more important to look completely different than to follow the theme as far as a costume party is concerned.


  1. Well perhaps the song should be "Does anybody know what time it is, does anybody care."

  2. I googled the song and found it on youtube!

    Although since the song is from the 70s maybe it would have been out of place at the party, haha.


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