November 29, 2010

La Première Pub Google en France

Google aired their first pub (commercial) in France ever last night. It was on TF1 at around 20h44. It came on just before Bienvenue Chez les Ch’tis was (also) aired for the first time ever on regular télé.

Google did an excellent job relating their ad with the film, focusing on the culture and language of le Nord. Check it out!

La première pub de google en France! Vive le Nord!

After watching the ad, I was proud to live in le ch'nord (even if it is 2 below freezing outside). I am also wondering how much FBF really cares about me, seeing as he's never taken me on a romantic walk in Cap Blanc-Nez.


  1. Well I think FBF may take the hint.

  2. I checked with him before I posted it to the blogging world and he gave me the okay (after complaining about looking like a bad guy). Maybe sometime this spring I'll make him take me, but for now a long walk in the freezing cold sounds like the opposite of a good time.


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