November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving à la française

Because I have access to an entire Kitchen this year, complete with such marvelous culinary appliances such as an oven, mixers, and blenders, I decided to make Thanksgiving dinner for FBF and his maman (mom).

I avoided serving turkey as I am a vegetarian, but I did prepare three Thanksgiving dinner dishes that I adore. I made green bean casserole, twice mashed potatoes, and good old fashioned stuffing.

You can find my recipes for these delicious Thanksgiving dishes here!

Not only was it my first time cooking any of these dishes, but being in France and not America, I had to make substitutions for certain ingredients.

I was extremely nervous about the entire endeavor, as it was the first time I cooked for La Maman.

Although they found the dishes and the ingredients to be unusual, both FBF and La Maman liked it. They each grabbed seconds!

The next day, la soeur de FBF (FBF’s sister) came over and they ate the leftovers without me (I was at work).

When she asked how it was, FBF had this to say about the stuffing, “Nous, on ne cuit pas le pain, donc on a trouvé bizarre de le voir faire, mais on a été agréablment surpris par le goût.” (We don’t normally cook bread, so it was weird to watch her cook it, but we were happily surprised by how good it tastes!)


  1. This just makes me look forward to your coming back to CA for Christmas and you'r cooking!

  2. Haha thanks Dad! I'm looking forward to Christmas too (and being able to cook my own meals).


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