January 13, 2010

Bonne Année!

This New Year's Eve, I decided to integrate myself even further into the French culture, and went to a new year's eve party with one of my friends in Lille, in lieu of staying in Paris and partying with my brother.

I was told that the party was '80s themed so I went to my closet and tried to pull together an appropriate outfit. I ended up wearing my neon blue tights, a denim skirt, and my purple sports bra with a shirt that I could pull off of one shoulder. I also put my hair in a side-pony, of course.

I got there only to discover that '80s themed means disco in French.

The night continued, despite my costume debacle. Midnight, and 2010, were fast approaching, and being dateless (as well as recently dumped) I was feeling bummed about not having someone to kiss at midnight. To make matters worse, a lot of the people at the party were coupled off.

The dreaded count down began: dix, neuf, huit, sept, six, cinq, quatre, trois, deux, un! But instead of everyone ferociously making out with their significant others as I expected, people were turning to each other, faire la bise-ing (kissing each other on both cheeks), and saying, "Bonne année! (Happy New Year!)" Then champaign was served. Nobody kissed anybody on the lips.

It seems that being alone on New Year's Eve is not such a big deal in this country so often thought of as the place for lovers.

Next time I get invited to an era themed party, though, I think I'm going to ask for costume suggestions first.


  1. I like this one. It catches some of the French culture we do not often learn about. Still I know there is more to tell about what happened at New Years party.


  2. hahah there is always more to tell!


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