November 10, 2010

Les Patates

Growing up, my family rarely had the tv on during dinner. Sure we had the occasional pizza and movie night, but most of the time we sat at the table with only each other for entertainment. Despite this, I always thought that eating dinner in front of the TV was one of America’s problems and that European households would be more similar to my personal experience with dinner.

This does not appear to be the case, however. Chez FBF the tv is always on while we eat. Even when I was eating at his mother’s house while they had guests, the TV remained on.

FBF says this is because the French don’t like silence and use the TV as background noise. I’m not so sure I believe this reason, as most of the time FBF or his mère (mom) will make comments about what is happening on the télé.

Last night at dinner was no exception. There was a commercial for an online poker tournament. After the pub (ad) was finished, FBF laughed while saying, “j’aime bien comment il dit pokER, avec un accent trop americain quoi! Er!” (I love how he says pokER! Like he’s trying to have an American accent with his Rs!)

After laughing for a little while, FBF’s mamman (mommy) said, “Bin vous savez ce qu’on dit pour l’accent americain? Pour bien parler americain, il faut parler avec une patate chaude dans la bouche!” (Well do you know what we say about the American accent? In order to speak American English well, you must speak with a hot potato in your mouth!)

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