August 13, 2011

Roadtrip: Le Début

I am currently in visa limbo.

Although I was hoping to return to my motherland for August, when all of France goes on vacation, I am instead stuck in frogland.

Making the most of our circumstances, FBF and I are taking a roadtrip around France for the entire month of August.

Our first major road related landmark was the Point de Normandie (Bridge of Normandy).

Stay tuned for cultural comparisons between les Ch'tis and the rest of La France.


  1. Laura,

    Sounds like a fun month for you! Take lots of pictures so we can see them.


  2. Hi - well I wish you could have come home too, but it sounds like a great road trip. Dad

  3. Kris: I will!

    Mike: Thanks. I miss you guys!

  4. Great bridge photos! Have a fun trip!

  5. Can't wait for more photos!!!

  6. Hate that bridge! We used to always go down to.. Tanquerville or something like that.. so we could take the ferry boat across the river. J loves ferry boats and I hate bridges, so it worked out for both of us. Hope you are having fun!!

  7. Looking forward to the cultural comparisons

  8. I always avoid that bridge, it's so expensive! like Amber we usually go to Tancarville instead, it's 10k out of the way but less than half the price!

  9. MilkJam: Thanks for the tip! I'll have to look into that if we go back next summer, although I hope I'll be going back to California instead.


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