August 24, 2011

Charente-Maritime: Prémières Impressions

My first impressions of Charente-Maritime:

There are real beaches here! With actual waves!

The Atlantic Ocean is way warmer than the Pacific and/or English Channel. It feels like I’m swimming in a pool every time I jump in.

We are very much so in the country. Green spaces of nothingness with occasional cows take up most of the space.

Seafood seems to be the main attraction at all the restaurants. I know we are in the land of les huîtres (oysters), but it does make life hard for a vegetarian like me.

Oyster shells are quite commonly found on the beaches. I was excited upon my first discovery, but soon realized they are abundant.

Everything is beige here (the sand, the buildings, the houses, the churches).

There are tons of mosquitoes thanks to the marais (marshes). Also the mosquitoes seem to enjoy my exotic Californian blood more so than FBF’s, or any member of his extended family’s.


  1. Nice pictures. The mosquitoes in France can small a California Girl coming for miles. LOL

  2. I recall when we visited your Aunt Popo in Wisconsin the mosquitoes there were also very really like California blood.

  3. Ah, the beach looks so lovely! Hope you're enjoying yourself despite the pesky mosquitoes.


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