August 6, 2011

Expat Experience

Ever wondered the answer to such question as:

  • Who am I?

  • Where, when, and why did I move abroad?

  • What do I like about Lille?

  • What my relationship is like with my fellow Lillois?

  • Or what my future plans are?

Wonder no longer!

Expat Focus asked me to write an Expat Experience in which I answer all those questions and more!

Check it out here.


  1. Laura,

    Your article on an expat living in France was very interesting. I did not know that Lille was so close to Belgium (that is where my daughter studied in her junior year of high school. She loved it there because it was also French speaking and the people were so very nice (host families). She was very fluent in French and wanted so badly to live in a French speaking country but she still had college and a master's degree to get.

    She experienced the same things you speak about...Loneliness, homesickness, friends, family and of course American food.

    I think you are very brave and I admire your fortitude and courage.


  2. Great summary - France has made you grow strong and self reliant. I am very proud of you. Dad

  3. Excellent! Headed there in a bit.

  4. I just read the whole article and it was great. I really admire your courage and tenacity.

  5. Kris: Thank you. I'm proud of your daughter for taking the risk as well! It's definitely wroth doing.

    Laura: Thank you so much! It'll be your turn soon :)


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