January 16, 2011


Actually dating a French guy has called into question all my preconceived notions of the French being ever so romantic. Sure, sometimes FBF gets up a bit earlier than he’d normally have to in order to drop me off at the tram station, but candlelit dinners? Moonlit strolls? None so far.

Just when I was giving up French romance as a bad joke, this happened.

FBF was touching my feet, tickling me.

Arrête!!” (Stop!!) I cried.

Quoi?” (What?) He asked me with faked innocence.

Ça chatoueiiii” (that tickles!) I exclaimed, a little bit upset.

Quoi? Je ne voulais que te donner les papouille…” (What? I just wanted to give you ‘papouille’…)

C’est quoi papouille?” (What does papouille mean?) I asked.

He replied in English. “It’s like sweet nothings, but for touching.”

And just like that, I had found some romance à la française, for clearly the French are romantic if they invented a word specifically to describe sweet nothings touchings.


  1. Adorable! Dating a foreigner has its charm, now doesn't it?

  2. Kaley: Dating a foreigner most definitely has it's charm! It also has it's fair share of cultural and communication mishaps. This communication mishap, however, was a welcomed one.

    John: You know you like it!

    Sara Louise: I know!


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