January 4, 2011

Bonne Annee!

So basically here is my life:

I went home for ten days to celebrate christmas with my family and see some of my friends from back home. It was nice but way too short and I felt like I only adjusted to the time difference a few days before I got back on a plane to Brussels. I arrived in Belgium around midday, got to Lille, and did nothing in my half asleep state until around 9:30pm when I passed out for 15 hours of sleep. The next day, FBF and I and some of our French friends headed back to Belgium to celebrate New Year's. Sunday I moved into my new studio!

The New Year is starting off well, now that I have my own place to live. The only problem is that it doesn't have internet. This being France, FBF has warned me that it will take at least two weeks for everything to get set up, once I start trying to figure everything out. I have not yet tried to figure anything out.

I do have limited access to the internet at my school. Hence this tiny little update. I hope you all had a nice break, and stories about weird French holiday traditions will be on their way shortly!


  1. Happy New Years to you!
    And you never know about the internet... when I moved into my last place, I was told it would be two weeks, turned out to only be three days!

  2. Happy New Years!

    I sure hope you are right. Especially since I am slow at even starting the process of getting internet. That's my goal for this weekend.

  3. Bonjour from the south of France! Bonne année et bon courage! Looking forward to the stories of the holiday traditions.


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