January 20, 2011

Les Recontres en Ligne

Two of FBF’s good friends, who last year bought a house together, met online. To me, online dating is reserved for middle-aged divorcées who are looking for a second chance at true love. This view was reinforced when my college roommate tried to set up an account with an online dating site, and not meeting the minimum age requirement, was denied. Apparently, in France online dating is more hip and youth friendly than it’s American counterpart.

Because the French need to have everything be a part of their exclusively French universe, they have their own, French online dating sites. Just like in America, these French dating websites have their own tv pubs (commercials).

The other night while watching Un Diner Presque Parfait (a French TV show where five contestants try to host the best diner party), one such commercial appeared on my tv. Only this time, I recognized some of the “real life” couples from AMERICAN TV ADS for eHarmony.

The French TV Spot.

I recognized the first couple from les états-unis, but upon further research into this, I’ve realized that every single couple advertised for France’s eDarling.fr supposedly met on eHarmony.com!

The poor French are being duped into believing in eDarling based on images of couples that aren’t even French. If word of this got out, I doubt a single French person would join.

Not only should the fact that Americans are being passed of as French people offend the French (notice how none of the actors talk in the French version!), but it should also offend us Americans! If this eHarmony commercial has been sold to France, how can any of us believe that these people are actually “regular eHarmony users” and not paid actors? Are any of these dating sites trustworthy?

Good thing I’ve already found myself a French boyfriend and wont have to resort to online stalking of Frenchmen in order to find “les celebitaires qui vous resembles” (singles who are just like you).


  1. So ridiculous and so French! I love it.

  2. I love Diner Presque Parfait! Just wanted to say that :-)

  3. Lindsey: I know!

    Sara Louise: Oh man! Me too! I try to watch it every night, although I always miss Thursday because of work. Last week they all had such strong southern accents! Is that what French always sounds like to you?


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