June 1, 2011

Les Gros Mots

I hardly ever swear in English. The F-bomb does not come easily to my lips (nor any sort of curse-word-bomb, for that matter).

Some exceptions are while driving (but who doesn't have a little road rage?), or if I'm extremely frustrated, or if I hurt myself. Although even when I injury myself, I tend to use PG-13 rated curse words instead of R.

In French, however, I'm a regular ol' sailor.

I think this is is because of the following reasons:

1)The P word and the M word are foreign, and
2)French people don't take their gros mots any where near as seriously as we do.

They can say merde on TV for crying out loud.

If you want to speak French like a French person, I suggest you become a bit more comfortable with sparkling your every day language with their two most popular curse words.

And, if you are worried about overcoming the giant obstacle that is speaking French, worry no longer. Brooke at skymachines has discovered a French language video I find to be extremely helpful for dealing with both problems at once.


  1. I totally swear more in French than in English too! I had to buy my frenchie "English as a second f*cking language" because I couldn't really teach him much.

  2. You know me.. I'm a sailor in any and all languages. I feel like swearing in English has lost its shock factor and that swearing in French just doesn't feel like swearing.

  3. That made me realise that i use the P french word more than i should !

  4. Spanish people love their swear words, too! My boyfriend seems so proper, but in Spanish he spouts off tonnnnns of swear words. His dad does it sometimes too, and he's your classical professor type, conservative and all. It's hilarious!

  5. HA HA HA This is great! I never knew that putain could be used in place of F*** word. It also means prostitute. HA HA HA


  6. Andromeda: Haha love it! I haven't needed to teach too many swear words to FBF, but he usually swears in French if swearing is needed (or if it's not needed, as seen in the lovely video).

    Amber: Maybe that's because they keep the F-word in France and not in English? Also I totally had to explain to FBF what it meant to "be a sailor" haha.

    Vivian: Just like all you Frenchies ;)

    Kaley: It must be a european thing! They seem to take swearing a lot less seriously than we do. I've had to explain to many a French person that we don't go down the street saying the F-word like they do with the P-word. I think they think we do because all our swear words that get edited out in the states stay in over here.

    Kirs: and I never knew it meant prostitute until I saw this video! I always thought a prostitute was a "pute."

    Adeline: Thanks!

  7. It's like the word 'Dude' a la Rob Schneider:

    "It can mean 'Hi, howare ya?'": Dude!

    "Or it can mean, 'Come here, I need you.'": Dude.

    "Or it can mean, 'You blew it.'": Du-hude ...

    "Or it can mean, 'Are you upstairs hiding in the closet with a knife?'": Dude?

    Also, if I get punched in the throat for saying this, I'll find a salad with goat cheese-encrusted croutons and throw it at you.

    No, not really.

    I would, of course, eat them very quickly.

  8. Joshua: That is so true about Dude!

    Yeah, I don't think I could throw a goat cheese salad at someone, it's just too delicious to use violently, haha.

  9. hahaha, I could completely relate to this post! However, with me it's the other way around. I swear way too much in English and hardly ever swear in Danish!

    // www.tamora.blog.com


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