June 7, 2011

Les Grand Rivals Sportif

Lille won La Coupe de France, and then the very next weekend, won the league!

Needless to say, la folie (craziness) ensued!

I took the video with my digital camera without any additional lighting at night. Please turn up your screen's brightness for optimal viewing.

My favorite part of the video is the close-up on the soccer jersey of a fan.

It says, "Anti Lensois. 59."

There is a bit of a rivalry between the two regions in the department, Nord-Pas-de-Calais. There is the Nord, where Lille is, represented by the number 59, and then there is the Pas-de-Calais, where I worked as an assistant this year and where Lens is, represented by the number 62.

In France, each region is represented by the first two digits of its postal code.

Although the rivalry between the regions can be seen elsewhere (for instance we 59ers say that the people who live in 62 can't drive...), I think the rivalry is mostly based on the fact that each region has its own equipe du foot (soccer team).

This guy's soccer jersey pretty much confirmed that for me.

This year, Lille totally outshone its rival. While we celebrated numerous victories, Lens morned for its loses. They have fallen from division 1 to division 2.

But since we're so far ahead now, is it even fair to consider them as rivals?

Allez le LOSC!


  1. So exciting! I don't follow le foot because the closest teams to me are Metz and Reims. And they stink.

  2. Brenna: I'm like you. I've only seen the really important games for le LOSC and then participated in the celebrations, because who doesn't love drinking in the street among fellow supporters?


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