March 22, 2011


If proof was needed that I am currently dating a Frenchman, I now have some.

We went to Le Ch’ti Bello for a date night, and since I originally posted about the place, I have taken up eating my pizza à la FBF.

Now the way he eats his pizza is not what defines him as French. It’s what defines him as a little bit bizarre.

He eats the crust off his entire pizza first, saving the inside for last. Most people I’ve observed eating pizza here eat their way across the pizza.

Since I’ve startted putting an egg on my pizza, I, too, now eat all the crusts off first.

In pausing from devouring my pizza to speak to FBF, he suddenly interrupted me, noticing my pizza.

Mais pourquoi tu as fais la France avec ta pizza?” (But why have you made France with your pizza?) he asked me.

Quoi?” (what?) I replied. I had no idea what he was talking about. I did not see France anywhere on my plate, just a pizza missing a substantial amount of its crust.

FBF then turned my pizza around to a bizarre angle. He pointed out to me that I had made the hexagone that is France, complete with leaving an air bubble to represent the mountain range that separates France from Spain.

Regarde, tu as même fait la Corse avec ce morceau-là!” (Look, you even made Corsica with that bite!)

My pizza aka a map of France.

I think only a true Frenchmen would have spotted an upside down and sidewise France from across the dinner table.


  1. that pizza looks incredibly delicious.

  2. I eat my pizza crust first. But it's because je suis une pute por la fromage. I think I'll have pizza tonight.

  3. Hehe that's so cute!!! FBF is a keeper. I was playing pictionary with Frenchies last weekend, and had to draw France. Epic fail!!!

  4. That is too funnny! I have never tried eating my pizza crust first, but I do love it with an egg on top.

  5. Stop frenching your pizza, weirdo. Also come home. America is hearbroken. Have you ever made America with your pizza?!?! Or even California? Yeah, I didn't think so. What a traitor!

  6. Crust first?! You're crazy Laura!

  7. Erika: It is! You should do your next artist project in France.

    Joshua: The cheese is the best part!

    Brenna: I had to explain to him what "is a keeper" meant! But then he was all proud of himself, haha.
    I guess the stereotype of Americans sucking in geography is true!

    The Twenty-Something: I like to save the egg bit for last, so I continuously eat in a circle!

    Jannah: Next time we go there, I'll be sure to try to make a slightly deformed USA out of my pizza. How about you come visit me and we can make our pizzas into Americas together?

    Linds: Don't I know it! But the most delicious bits ARE in the center.

  8. Jenna: Yeah... the left point is supposedly Brittany, and then the tip is where I live (Lille), and then the first corner on the right is Strasbourg, then you go down the Mediterranean coast, ending up at the mountains to Spain! (at least, according to FBF)

  9. Hahaha. You should've said "I just love la France so damn much, honey!"

  10. Very well written. I think it is a good sign that France wants you to stay and is saying it with Pizza.

  11. Kaley: That would have been more sauve of me! Alas, I'm just not all that charming.

    Mike: Thank you! And I hope you're right!


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