March 19, 2011

La Saint Patrick

I had St. Patrick's Day all planned out. After I got home from work, I was going to walk over to the bar just down the road that has Guinness on tap. Then I was going to drink one (or two or three) pints of that black gold while wearing my green tights and green sweater.

I was ready to be like all good Americans on March 17th. I was ready to pretend to be Irish.

From my trip to the Guinness Brewery in Dublin.

But just like at Halloween, France had other plans for me. I spent Thursday in bed sleeping and watching TV, fighting the evil invasion of bacteria France had unleashed upon me.

Instead of proudly celebrating a Holiday that the French choose to ignore for reasons unknown to me (who doesn't like drinking heavily and wearing green?), France got the better of me.

All wasn't lost however. When FBF came over to check up on me, he wasn't wearing any green whatsoever.

So, I pinched him!


  1. Ooohhhh...chèrie! Prendre soins de toi! A similar unleashing had me down for the count during Valentine's Day. I see a pattern here with uncelebrated American holidays and Americans in France! Hmmmmmmmm....

    Sending you all good thoughts to feel better tout de suite!

  2. Boo being sick on St. Patrick's Day. Sorry you didn't get to celebrate in all of your green American glory! The good thing is you can drink the black gold anytime you want...and as much as you want!

  3. hahah you're such a dork--who pinches people!?

  4. I do. I pinch people.
    Derek was wearing just a green jacket, so of course with all the drinking he got hot, so he took it off. Luckily for him, like the most excellent girlfriend I am, I lent him one of my Target dollar bin felt leprechaun hats! Which, of course, I periodically ripped off and tossed across the room before tackling him and pinching him all over. It's the American way!

  5. Lesie: Merci Leslie!! Today is my last day of antibiotics so I'm technically better now!

    Linds: True that. I should focus on the positives more often (especially if those positives are Guinness yummmm)


    Also I totally approve of your actions towards Derek. Who only wears a green jacket? I usually put on green underwear incase I some how lose all my other clothes...

  6. The Australien bar, in Lille. I was there last year for St Patty's day; really fun, lots of 'Irish people' lol

  7. That's some awesome signage.

  8. Isadora: Thanks for the tip!

    Joshua: Agreed.

  9. I did the same on NYE for the past two years, made big fancy plans...and subsequently got shot down by viral assailants. Boo to sickness.


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