July 9, 2011

Naturellement Pulpeuse

The first time I went to the movies in France was when I studied abroad in Paris. Deciding we should be more Parisian and go to the ciné, one of my friends and I headed to the nearest theater with plenty of time to get lost, have translation misshaps, etc before the movie started.

We found our seats, the lights dimmed, and commercials started playing. The commercial that was on happened to be one of the weirdest commercials I’ve ever seen, and as such I was making comments and laughing about it with my friend.

A group of middle aged French woman seemed to think that this was unacceptable behavior, however, and they started shushing me.

I couldn’t imagine who would care about missing out on a commercial. It wasn’t even a movie trailer. It was an advertisement for a product.

I know better now. I know the reason I was shushed was not because we’re not supposed to talk during commercials before the movie. I was shushed because it was an Orangina commercial.

Orangina commercials consist of digitally rendered wild animals given human sex traits.

That’s right.

We’re talking about horses with boobs and long slender legs hanging out in underwear. Panthers with pecks and biceps.

The reason I was giggling and whispering to my friend some 4 years ago was because I was thoroughly creeped out by these animals personified in a sexual way.

The French find them to be hilarious. The past couple of times I’ve been in the theater and the sexualized Orangina animeoples have been on the screen, everybody was laughing and having a grand ol’ time.

Except for me. I am still terrified of them.

I get really uncomfortable watching this one...

Luckily for me and unluckily for the French, these creepy commercials seem to only be shown at the theater for I have yet to see one on TV. Hence why I was shushed so many years ago.


  1. You see the deodorant and the laundry ones on TV from time to time.. guess they save the raciest ones for the theater :)

  2. Well things are different in France. Do they ever use Pugs?

  3. Dear Lord.....the first two weren't that bad, but the last one was just a little too much for me! I don't know which is worse, seeing these animals sexualized, or women being over-sexualized every day in American/Canadian adverts. =P

  4. Know what? These commercials creep me out too. As do the Evian ones with babies rollerblading and moving like adults. Weeeiiiiird!

  5. Amber: I'll have to keep my eyes open (or not) for the ones that happen on the TV!

    Mike: That's certain. I have not yet seen pugs in advertisements, but I do spot them from time to time on the streets!

    Joel: Yeah, the last one is the hardest to watch in my opinion. The animal people just creep me out more than overly sexy human ads, which trust me there are plenty of over here!

    Emilie: I totally agree! Babies acting like adults creep me out.

  6. I started drifting off thinking about wanting an Orangina, and now I'm terrified by thoughts of an anthropomorphic bear and deer getting freaky with a giraffe watching over the treeline. So...thanks?

  7. Omg Laura, I am laughing so hard. All of that was for an orange drink?! That is hysterical. I can not believe how over the top it is - from the flash dance water pour to the stripper pole, its so funny.

    Wow - what a great post. I will be tweeting this!

    PS - Thanks for stopping by today :)

  8. Johsua: You're welcome! ;)

    Michelle: Thanks for the tweet. I know, these ads are definitely over the top, haha.

  9. At least they cover the bear up with a leaf, right? I couldn't imagine seeing THAT on the big screen!

  10. Samantha: Hahahahahha. Seriously.


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