July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

A little taste of home can be found in one of Lille's oldest pastry shops, Meert. Their cheesecake à la New Yorkaise is delicious and a perfect way to savour the flavors of home.

Of course, I had planned on having a slice with dinner tonight to celebrate my nation's Independence Day, but France had other plans for me.

Meert is closed on Mondays, a small, but important detail I overlooked.

I'll just have to content myself by staring at this mouthwatering photo, and pop over there first thing tomorrow morning.

Get your own slice:
27 rue Esquermoise, Lille
Tuesday - Saturday: 9h - 19h
Sunday: 9h - 13h, and 15h - 19h


  1. Hope you had a wonderful 4th! Make sure to eat 2 pieces of cheesecake today to make up for yesterday :)

  2. Thanks Linds! I ended up buying chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream to celebrate, and boy oh boy was it delicious.

  3. What a pretty dessert. I never would have thought to put grapes AND blueberries on it.

    Happy belated 4th!

    Michelle :)

  4. Michelle: They aren't actually grapes! They are called groseille in French, and they are called redcurrant in English. It's a fruit that is illegal to have in the US, believe it or not. If you like things a little bit on the sour side I definitely recommend trying them. They've got to have some in Germany. Happy 4th to you as well!


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