April 27, 2011

Les Bébés Canards

Spring has definitely sprung, and unlike last year, the weather has been amazingly warm and pleasant.

I have finally dusted off my rainbow sandals and have worn them twice. They felt a little neglected by me as normally in California, they are year round shoes. Here they are definitely not.

On a pleasantly warm afternoon, while wearing my rainbow sandals bien sûr, FBF and I went for a stroll by the quai (a sort of man-made, cemented in lake type thing) by my house.

And what to my wandering eyes should appear but a M. et Mme. Canard, and their six baby ducklings ever so near.

Naturally I papperazzi-ed them, much to FBF's dismay.

Here's to more rainbow sandal wearing, baby duck filled, lazy spring afternoons!


  1. I'll agree with you just as soon as I take the kids to the basement and prepare for nasty weather here in Georgia tonight. Again.

  2. Oh how cute! I saw a extremely large (city) turtle here today while on my walk. I say city turtle because I have never seen such a large turtle in the city? My grandson would have been thrilled if I had captured him and brought him home but alas, I did not have my turtle trapping tools with me. LOL

    Here's to you and yours enjoying the lovely weather Paris is having.


  3. In Boston, I always knew it was spring when the baby duckies came out of hiding.

  4. Reminds me of the desert! They're so adorable!

  5. Cheers to baby ducks and warm weather footwear! :-)

  6. Yayyy spring. Reminds me of the time in Chicago when I saw a whole flock of geese crossing the big highway to Lake Shore Drive. A man got out of his car and directed goose traffic. Priceless.

  7. I'm 100% with you about the warm weather footwear - I've cracked out the thongs (which I believe you call flip-flops?) and have stomped around Paris, Belgium and Holland with my bare tootsies - love it.

    About the ducks - when we were in Paris for the marathon, we grabbed a Berthillon ice-cream and were sitting by the river when all of a sudden there was - for want of a better word - a duck gang-bang taking place. 3 male ducks (drakes??) were all fighting over this one girl duck and their shenanigans attracted quite the crowd of onlookers who were half amused, half worried. And there were ducklings present - as M said at the time "Won't somebody think of the children?!?"
    Just thought I'd share - another random sight in the city of love!


  8. B: Oh MAN! That same thing happened at the zoo around here and I took a video of it and am planning on putting it on the internet just as soon as I get around to actually blogging about the zoo... Only mine didn't have duck children involved so yours is actually more horrifying!

  9. Rainbows? Yes, please! I'm thinking I need to get a new pair because my current set is looking a little icky! I also love that your snapped pics of the ducklings. I saw some this weekend while kayaking and couldn't help staring at their cuteness. Have a great week!


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