April 16, 2011

Au Petit Matin

While my parents were visiting, they spent two days in Lille with me, I met up with them for a day in Brussels, and then we spent a three day weekend together enjoying Paris.

Although I was with my parents and we didn't hit up any night clubs, I got surprisingly little sleep in Paris.

This might be why:

(sorry my videography skills leave a lot to be desired.)

Despite getting to bed at a reasonable hour (around 11 o'clock), the people in the apartment next to ours were having a party. So were all the people in the bars on the street.

I finally got to sleep around 5am, only to be awoken at 8 by a horrible drumming sound.

It was the Paris Marathon.

But maybe I saw B's hubby in the mix?


  1. I love how your video captured the annoying drumbeat!! What a fun trip, though!

  2. Well Paris is not for sleeping - at least not on Saturday. We probably should have just crashed the party - do they do that in France?

  3. Marianne: Thanks! I loved our trip too :)

    Mike: FBF says that doesn't happen here... but I agree! We should have joined in on the fun Wedding Crashers style.

  4. I just had a flashback. About four months after we bought our house, several years before kids came into the picture, we were enjoying a lazy, sleeping in Saturday morning. Until about 7:30am when we were awoken by a blaring version of "Wild Thing." I ran outside ready to kick some ass, and there was a 5K going on that had just started at the elementary school (which is, literally, right across the street). She went back to sleep, but I was up for the day. And pissed.

  5. Well Marathons should be celbrated. Today is Patriot's Day in the Northeast-better then Christmas!

  6. Joshua: Man! That sucks! I think if I had been made aware in advance that there'd be incesant drumming really early in the morning I'd be more gracious about it... it's the whole being caught unawares thing that really sucks. I hope it didn't ruin the song Wild Thing for you!

    Jenna: I agree that Marathons should be celebrated as it's an incredible task to accomplish, and I understand that the drums were probably motivating people, but like I said to Joshua, it's the whole being caught unawares thing that annoyed me! Oh well. You live and you learn (and you take videos of people running marathons and laugh about it later with your parents)!


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