June 24, 2010

Les Bébés Animaux

FBF and I went to Antwerp last weekend. We didn't think the city was all that impressive looking, but we only went there for the zoo anyway. The zoo was definitely worth the hour long drive and came complete with two baby animals! I took videos.

The baby elephant!

The baby hippo!

We also thought we were going to get to see a python, but instead ended up being in the learning center of the zoo. We had to sit through a half hour class on the differences between reptiles and amphibians. I think I understood at most five words, as the class was in Flemish. Despite the language barrier, it wasn't a complete waste of time. We got to pet a snake and a turtle!


  1. Antwerp!!! Did you go to the Kulminator?! Please tell me you did. Or else.

  2. J'aime! Je suis triste de ne pas être venue avec vous! Le bébé hippo est trop beau!!!!

  3. Matt: We just drove around, ate lunch at a Bicky, and then went to the zoo. What is the Kulminator?! What gloriousness did I miss out on?

    Mom and Hélène: Merci! The baby hippo was my favorite!! Il est trop adorable!!


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