June 3, 2010


You’d think after four years of college and drinking whatever low quality beer was available at a party, I’d be only overjoyed to be in the north of France surrounded by delicious Belgian beer.

However, there seems to be a difference in opinion when it comes to the temperature beverages should be between the French and me.

The first time I drank warm Belgian beer, it was one of those times where we had run out of other options, and someone just happened to have some beer in their car.

It was horrible. I made FBF finish mine.

Leaving beer in the trunk of one’s car is not a rare phenomenon here. In the winter, while there was snow on the ground, I thought it was rather clever of them to leave cases of beer in their trunks. “What an easy way to keep your beer cold!” I thought.

Now that it’s spring, I’m a little less impressed. They still leave beer in their trunks. And because the weather changes with the seasons, this means I am presented with warm beer a lot of the time.

When I asked FBF how he could drink warm beer, he said, “it’s still good! It tastes like beer.”

I interpreted that as while, of course beer is better cold, warm beer is better than no beer at all.

The other night, I had FBF over and we were sharing a bottle of Chimay that had been in my fridge. After saying “santé!” (cheers!), and taking a sip, FBF exclaimed, “Elle est trop froide! On doit attendre!” (It’s too cold!! We have to wait).

To me, the beer was just the temperature a beer should be: cold. I did not wait.

After finishing the Chimay, I offered FBF a nice, cold Leffe from my fridge. He preferred to take one out of the box that had been sitting on my floor.

Just a handfull of the Belgium beers I prefer cold.


  1. Well, too bad for him that while he's here on his visit he's going to get only cold beer! Because we 'Mericans are grossed out by a warm one.

  2. Yes, but where you live is warm, so I won't have to wait too long for it to become more drink-able for me.

  3. Oh, did you think I wasn't going to constantly be attacking you and your beer with bags of ice? 'Cause that's pretty much what's going to happen.

  4. I'm ok with that, but you have the right to do that only in LV...

  5. Haha, hey, you can't tell me what I can and can't do in my own country! This is America, where we have freedom! That means I can dump ice on you whenever and wherever I want.
    I think your only shot at a defense here is to build an alliance with the other guys, because you know Laura's going to be on my side.

  6. Hey! You two should play nice on my blog!

    But yeah.... Beer should be drunk cold. I think the only way he's going to be able to get anyone on his side about having warm beers is by importing other French people, because even our guy friends like their beers cold.

  7. Hey, we're bonding.
    I agree with the cold beer thing, I was just thinking that they might be rallied to a male alliance, given how often they're overtaken by harsh and unyielding female alliances.


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