March 27, 2014


Somehow, despite having lived in France for 4 and a half years (admittedly not consecutively), I have avoided up till now purchasing and using French deodorant. And no, I wasn’t just not wearing it! Somehow the deodorants that I’ve brought with me were enough to last.

I use solid deodorant, and I really made my last stick count. I was stabbing the weird plastic-y part at the end with a q-tip to ensure I got every last bit of use out of it. But, one can only put off the inevitable for so long, and so I ventured forth on the search for French deodorant.

Why was I going to such lengths to avoid French deodorant? Well, I have never seen deodorant in a solid form over here. They tend to prefer aerosols where you spray particles under your arms, or liquids.

Granted, I haven't done an extensive search, but as part of my on going quest to integrate into French culture, I decided to branch out.

While I know some of my fellow Americans use liquid deodorant, I never have. So faced with the unknown and my limited number of options, I went for something my compatriots use: liquid deodorant.

I hate it.

It’s wet. It stays wet. It takes eons to dry. If I’m running late and don’t give myself enough time to dry off, the underarms of my clothes get wet.

It’s cold, and I’m already cold in the mornings.

It’s slimy, and after application my underarms remind me more of frog skin than human skin.

My liquid déodorant, aka early morning torture.

I’m just glad I bought a travel size bottle.

However, my travel size solid deodorant lasted me 6 months... Looks like I’ll have to deal with cold, wet, slimy underarms for a while to come yet.

Update: thanks to my awesome readers, I was able to find solid déo!


  1. I secretly love the Dove original scent deodorant spray! Normally I also bring back deodorant from the U.S., but for some weird reason I can't get enough of the Dove! Definitely better than wet roll on!

    1. I'll have to try it then! I definitely should've researched my choice a bit more. Although I hate to waste perfectly usable product even if it isn't the best... thanks for the tip :)

  2. I bought some liquid deodorant a while ago on accident, such a weird feeling! Thankfully I've found my usual Dove solid stick (in varying scents even) in the store, so no more slimy armpits for me! lol

    1. Jealous! I clearly should have spent more time investigating ^^

  3. Salut biloute! Odd as here in the north there are quite a few ladies' stick deoderants, in Carrefour, Lidl, Leclerc, etc. The belovéd changed me to stick deoderants too shortly after arrived, 2 1/2 years ago. Probably like me you're just not used to looking for things in the often illogically arranged French supermarchés. In the middle of shall we say ladies' hygene products, you find wine or spirit specials. You know the north & Ch'timi land! I needed to reboot & change my "radar" & "GPS" after landed here. Dunno about US, but UK & Ireland supermarkets change the displays & aisles around every couple of months, but the French seem to do it far more often to confuse you, & try to push impulse buying, while you're only searching for your regular brand of coffee, & come out with 3 bags full.Welcome back mademoiselle. Bon weekend.

    1. Jealous you found solid deodorant! I didn't spend all that much time looking for it but when asking (French) friends most of them use liquid/aerosol so I figured why not? I was definitely mistaken though ^^
      I agree that the supermarkets are a bit confusing here! I'll have to check carrefour next time (I waited too long to plan ahead and had to go to monoprix). Bisous

  4. I can usually find Dove solid stick deodorant here! Not like, five million scents, but at least one or two. Though I've only been going to Lerclerc for a while now, so not sure about other stores.

  5. How funny! I ended up using a Dove spray but now that I'm back in the States, is good ol' solid for me :)

  6. Yeah solid deodorant is much more common for guys than for girls, for some reason...

    In Lille I have found some ladies deodorant and ironically enough the only place I found them was a monoprix ...

    I guess you live in a place where it's completely out of fashion ...

  7. So I lived in Montpellier for 6 months in college and am moving back to teach English in a couple of weeks. This post made me crack up because I am currently hoarding deodorant to bring to France! While I know I can find it over there, I have to say I just am hooked on my favorite things, including toothpaste and eye make-up.

    So glad I stumbled upon your blog! I also have to say, I love your layout :) I don't think I have blogger figured out enough quite yet. If you feel like giving me some tips, I would definitely appreciate it. My travel blog is:


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