March 14, 2013


When I was an English teaching assistant one thing that I found remarkable was that even the highschoolers used pencil cases.

At the beginning of every lesson, out came the notebooks and a small pouch filled with pencils, pens, scissors, erasers, and tape.

I hadn’t used a pencil case since elementary school. I hadn’t seen a pencil case since elementary school.

I don’t know why I thought it would be any different at graduate school, but nevertheless I was surprised to see all my classmates take out their trousses (pencil cases) at the beginning of the first lecture.

By the end of the semester it became perfectly clear to me why nobody had abandoned the concept of a pencil case as something for little children.

While I had gone ahead and lost almost all my pens and pencils, my French friends still had all of theirs intact.

So for this second semester, I have taken the plunge. I have become a little bit more French.

I bought a pencil case.

My trousse in all its pink, see-through glory.

For now I still have all my writing utensils. Here's hoping I don't loose the entire trousse.


  1. Well the French can be very practical and you are practically French.

  2. Replies
    1. There are so many cute ones out there!

  3. I'd like to come back to the " il fait beau" thing. I'm a long time reader and remember the "not bad' and " not too bad" , which mean in fact ' good". I think when they say " il fait beau" they mean " il fait pas beau" with an intonation. I know it is a french thing, I imagine it is strange for you. Nice weather isn'it ?

  4. HA! Love it and so true - the pencil case does abound's always these funny, quirky little differences that I love!


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