January 30, 2013


While I have gotten somewhat used to never having a clue as to what is going on at my school, whether it be the administration or assignments, I must admit some things still throw me for a loop.

Unlike most French universities, UTT does let its students choose some of their classes. As a graduate student, the choices are usually between two or three pre-selected classes, but first semester we even had an UV libre, or a free class, where we were allowed to pick “any” class we wanted (any class that fit into our already set schedule, which did reduce the choices considerably).

Despite registration for the second semester being a week away, we had yet to receive any information about which classes we would be taking next semester. In the guide des UV (course catalogue) there is a list of classes we are supposed to take. However, it lists all possible classes, and does not say which ones are mandatory, and which ones we may choose between.

Le guide des UV (course catalogue)

Never mind the fact that I think the school should inform us without us having to ask, wanting to research my choices, I finally gave in and sent an email to our program director.

To which she responded, “Yes, I’ll do that soon. By the way, when is registration?”

And when I sent her the registration dates, which were not only on all of the school websites but also had been emailed to the whole school several times over, I got an automatic reply from her inbox. “Je suis absente jusqu'au mois d'aout et ne pourrai prendre connaissance de votre message avant mon retour (I will be absent until August and wont be able to look at any messages until my return).”

So much for registering for classes on time.


  1. It's never simple, is it?! Hope you get things sorted out soon!

  2. I hope it works out. Bon chance!

  3. Oh this is so delightfully French! Don't worry about it, just sit at a cafe and have a cup of coffee and it will all be okay. ;)

  4. Oh, jeez, what is with teachers being absent in France?! I thought it was just in high school, but I guess even in graduate school :'( Oh, well, at least this shouldn't affect you too much (I hope). Hopefully if a class fills that you wanted or something you will be permitted that due to her absence. Bon courage et bonne chance.

  5. Hey Everybody,

    Thank you so much for your concern! Not to worry, I was able to register before the end of registration period and somebody else did eventually send us an email explaining our class selections.

    Here's to next semester!


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