March 13, 2012

Wine More Time

While in Bordeaux, I wanted to drink lots of Bordeaux wine. So while at the office du tourisme, I asked for a list of wine bars. FBF and I decided to try one called Wine More Time because it had an awesome name and a view of the grosse cloche (fat clock).

The bar au vin (wine bar).

The view.

We sat down, selected a wine from the list of vin au verre (wines by the glass) and also got the cheese plate.

The menu.

When the man came back with our wine and cheese, he asked us where we were from (no doubt hearing my accent).

When we told him where we were from, it was surprisingly not the girl from California but the boy from le Nord who was the topic of conversation.

Moi, je suis de Toulouse, qui est aussi plus nord d’ici, mais pas assez au nord que vous!” (I’m from Toulouse, which is north of here, but nowhere near as far north as you!) he told FBF.

Vous ne buvez pas du vin là bas, non?” (You don’t drink wine up there, do you?) he continued.

FBF confirmed that in le Nord people are more partial to beer than wine.

I then learned a little bit about the opinion the rest of France has towards Lillois.

Ça c’est parce que vous n’êtes pas les vrais français!” (That’s because you aren’t actually French!) he exclaimed, brimming with pride to be from le Sud (the South).

FBF had the good nature to laugh, but I was taken aback. It's one thing for Americans and other foreigners to view the French as nothing but red wine drinking baguette lovers, but actual French people thinking the same thing? I was astounded.

Then I realized that half the time I tell people about Lille, I talk about how we're more Belgian than French anyway. Maybe all of France knows this, too.

And really, what's so wrong with a having a preference for beer?


  1. I think you're correct most French believe the north isn't "really" French. While Leffe is good, I seriously miss being surrounded by good (and highly alcoholic) beer like we were living in SD!

    1. It's all about Leffe 9 degree! And all the other smaller brewers in the North and Belgium (who brew really delicious beer at really high degrees!). I really miss it. Does SD stand for San Diego?

  2. yep =) always ranks high on the list of the best beer cities in the US

    1. Nice! Yeah we serve a bunch of San Diego brews at the restaurant I'm working at (I'm up in Orange County). They're pretty good; no denying it. But the price point is so different form the one in Belgium, haha.

  3. Thats hysterical! He's so cheeky! I can't believe he actually said that to your boyfriend. And your boyfriend is super chill to take it so well :)

  4. Interesting. I met a girl from Lille a while back, and I tried to mention this to her, but she acted like it was very weird. Hmmmm.


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