December 1, 2011

Un Souvenir Du Grand Roue

It's december, which means that the Marché de Nöel is in full swing, the city is sparkling in beautiful lights, les sapins de nöel (Christmas trees) are abundant, and I'm drinking christmas-flavored Belgian beer.

While I have already visited the Marché de Nöel to stuff my face with delicious vanilla gauffres (waffles), drink vin chaud (hot spiced wine), and look at all the goods for sale in the cabins, I am not tempted by the Ferris wheel. I learned my lesson last year.

(originally posted December 22, 2010 here)

FBF and I thought it would be ever so romantic for us to ride le grand roue (the giant Ferris wheel) at the Marché de Nöel. La Soeur told us that the view from the top is beautiful, but extremely cold. We dressed accordingly.

Le Grand Roue

We had the choice between four little carriages, which were unlike any Ferris wheel seating area I have ever seen. Instead of being for two people, it could've held 6 adults, and instead of facing forward, it was a circle with a pole in the middle holding it up to the wheel.

Because this was supposed to be a romantic date, FBF and I sat on the same side.

This was a mistake. As soon as we were sky-bound, the carriage started leaning dangerously due to our combined weight on just one side.

This was doubly dangerous as there was not any protective fencing. It would not have been hard to tumble out. To make matters worse, there was no safety restraint of any kind. We were not buckled in.

FBF and I, while enjoying the view, were not enjoying a romantic, quiet moment alone in the sky, because j'avais peur (I was scared). Instead of holding on to my boyfriend, I had my arms wrapped around the middle pole, trying desperately not to fall off.


  1. Oh no! Glad you are okay! Sounds real scary indeed.

  2. Vanilla waffles? Hot spiced wine?? Beer???

    I think I'm going to need a holiday today.

  3. Kaley: It was terrifying. Definitely not something I want to relive.

    Grenobloise: Thanks! It was. I hope the one in Grenoble is less dangerous.

    Joshua: Take one! Or you could make you and the Wife some vin chaud to snuggle up with after work :)

  4. o.m.g.

    What a great spin you gave this post! ( to speak.) I thought your cautionary tale of the Ferris wheel was going to be related to drinking of vin chaud and downing sweet gauffres before heading to the skies...but gave it a twist and beautifully illustrated the difference between French and American safety standards! ;} (So glad you both survived!)

  5. "Instead of holding on to my boyfriend, I had my arms wrapped around the middle pole"

    'kay so I guess you didn't seize the opportunity to rotate the pole & get a 360 degree view of the city, then... ;-)

  6. They don't have one in Grenoble. I was next to the one in Lyon but didn't ride it; esp after having read this post!


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