October 13, 2011

Le Chopp’ing

When one thinks of France and alcoholic beverages, usually the first drink to come to mind is wine, followed closely by champagne. But here in the North we think beer.

So if you want to be a good Lillois, you better get yourself to a beer bar ASAP, and I know of just the one.

A great beer bar can be found in Vieux Lille, called Le Chopp’ing.

The beer bar.

It has 18 different beers on tap, most of which come from Belgium (and are, therefore, delicious). Not only are they on tap, but they are also reasonably priced. It’s only 5euros for a pinte (pint or 50 cl) or 3.50euros for 25cl.

When I say pinte, I mean it for the size alone. The beer wont be coming in a generic pint glass like they have in the States. These beers come in their own special glasses, as is required by all great Belgian beers.

While I often vary my drink choice in order to experience as many Belgian beers as possible, I highly recommend trying the Rince Cochon for two reasons. First, and most important, it tastes good. Second, there is a tiny cute glass pig on the stem of the glass.

The bar has two big flat screen TVs for watching football (soccer) and rugby games, lots of high, round tables with bar stools, as well as some sidewalk tables for when it isn’t raining. If going on the night of a big game, be sure to get there early, as the place is small and fills up fast.

Check it out:
Le Chopp’ing
16 bis, rue Royale
59800 Lille


  1. I remember when my daughter returned from Belgium from her junior high school year abroad, she brought back with her many different Belgium beers for sampling wrapped by her host mother in her clothes. LOL LOL She did not even get stopped going through customs! I was amazed. Her host mother sure knew how to pack a suitcase!


  2. I would love to drink some beer there!

  3. thank goodness for belgium beer and half the fun of ordering them is seeing what type of glass it'll be poured into

  4. Kris: That's awesome! I did the same thing when I went home for Christmas last year.

    Sara Louise: Visit Lille and we can go together!

    chickster: I totally agree. It makes me want to collect all the different glassware.

  5. It makes sense, as you're close to all the beer-drinking (guzzling?) regions. I don't like beer that much (I prefer red wine), but good beer is something I actually will drink (unlike beers like Bud Light!).


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