September 29, 2011

Meurtre, elle a ecrit.

Almost a year ago, back in October 2010, a young man of 33 disappeared in the middle of the night after leaving a party at a friend’s house by himself. His body was found 4 days later in La Deûle (a canal/small river that encircles the citadel of Lille).

Since his wallet, with his credit and id cards, was still with him, and his body didn’t show any signs of aggression, the police believe he was drunk, fell in the Deûle, and, being unable to climb back out as there are not very many access points to the canal, drowned.

Four months later, in the beginning of February, a young man of 26 was partying with some friends on rue Royale (a street a five minute walk from my own), and then disappeared around 3am. 18 days later, they find his body in the Deûle.

Police say that he drowned because, just as before, there were no signs of aggression and the wallet was still with the body.

At the end of February, two friends are leaving a party in the Vauban quarter together, but their paths diverge next to l’Esplanade. The 22 year old student’s body is found five days after he disappeared, once again in the Deûle, a mere two days after the discovery of the second body.

Once again, the police say that he drowned.

These three deaths of young French men disappearing in the middle of the night and their bodies being found a few days later already seemed a bit suspicious to me. During the winter, whenever FBF would leave my house I would always watch him from my window to make sure he made it safely into his car, as I was afraid he’d get snatched away and become the next body found in the Deûle.

But as winter turned into summer, and summer into fall, these mysterious drownings had wandered far from my mind.

Two days ago, yet another body was found in the canal. A 19-year-old student was partying on rue Solferino, and he disappeared in the night. 6 days later, his body was found in the canal, once again with his wallet and no signs of aggression. However, this time the Deûle wasn’t on his route home.

A map of where the four bodies were found in Lille.
Source: La Voix du Nord

I have once again started to survey FBF on his walks to his car to make sure he gets home safe. All these bodies ending up the canal seem very suspicious to me and I don't want FBF to be the 5th young adult male to be found drowned in the Deûle.

What do you think? Serial killer or simply drunk men falling into the canal? I'm leaning towards serial killer.

News source: La Voix du Nord


  1. I'm with you on this one. The canal is just ease of use at this point.

  2. Hey Laura.

    I was in Lille two weeks ago and was told about the men found in the canal but like you I assumed it was just drunkeness. I spent three nights out drinking and only once did I fear for my safety.

    I was in a bar on Rue Solefino and I was a little bit drunk, went to watch football and the first question I was asked was "Are you on your own?" Which scared me a little so I got quickly out of there and back towards Lille Flandres station.

    Didn't see anything else to worry me and the area around the Citadel is beautiful such a shame if something sinister is going on.

    Keep us updated please :)

  3. Weird and scary! Something strange is definitely going on. I don't think the police can keep blaming this on late night, drunk stumbles home...

  4. There is definitely something not right here! You can excuse one maybe two young men but not 4! I would be worried about FBF too. You are wise to make sure he gets to his car without anything happening to him.

    Keep us posted on this.


  5. So scary ! hope they will find the killer. I don't want my brother be the next one!!!

  6. I first thought serial killer too but i've changed my mind. You know, when I was a college student in Lille, I used to party very often, about 3 nights a week (not proud), and I sometimes some of my classmates were so drunk that I had to bring them to my place because they were totally incapable of going back home by their own means. I was living near Rue Massena back then, and being so close to the bars and the restaurants was pretty convenient when my friends were drunk. So really, considering the level of alcohol the forensics found on the bodies, combined with the fact that the access to the Deûle Canal is totally insecure, I'm not that surprised in the end by what I now consider as very stupid yet sad accidents.

  7. Joshua: That's what I'm thinking.

    Andrew: I hope that it isn't a serial killer as well as that's terrible, but it all seems rather suspicious to me. I've never been approached by anyone suspicious, but a. I'm a girl (and thus far they've all been boys) and b. I don't walk home by myself totally drunk. I'm glad nothing bad happened to you.

    Linds: I agree. I think it's weird that it's happening all at once. I feel like if it was drunken accidents they would have always been happening, you know?

    Kris: FBF fits the profile so I definitely want to avoid anything bad happening to him in case it is a serial killer and not just accidents. I'll keep you updated!

    Adeline: Me too!

    Emilie: I would prefer it in a way if it was just accidents, but it still seems suspicious to me. I feel like if it was just because of alcohol this would have always been happening. I think it's bizarre that it only started last year, but who knows. I guess time will tell!

  8. Crap. I am officially paranoid and will be emailing Julien to be careful.

  9. Wow! Scary! It is no doubt in my mind a serial killer. Hopefully he's not also a cop or works for them.. ("Dexter").

    Keep your eyes on the FBF please!!!

    Also the boys better be watching their drinks at the bar! You don't need to "attack" a person to kill them and/or throw them in a ditch. Simply render them unconscious.

  10. Christine: Good thinking! Although it's been all over the news up here so I'm sure he's aware and being safe.

    Grenobloise: I agree with you! It seems too suspicious to not be a serial killer. Also great advice for the guys. Although they didn't have any other drugs in their system, but maybe it was too late to detect it? I'm thinking they just got really drunk by their own means, and then the serial killer picked them up.

  11. This is creeptastic. I agree- it all seems a bit too coincidental. I mean, it could be drunk guys tipping over into the canal but it seems a bit far-fetched for it to be happening so often. Sounds like someone just runs by and pushes them or something since there is no signs of aggression. Very odd - be careful!

  12. breadispain: I'm really glad I'm not the only to think this is creepy. I was also thinking it was someone who got off by pushing people and then possibly watching them drown. And thanks, I'll be careful!

  13. I'm a little late on this one but I am living in Lille and never heard about this until this moment! Probably because I don't understand the French news as of yet. I have a young French bf too and I will have to show him what you wrote...Although I am suspicious the young men in this city do get quite smashed. I have a 19 year old friend who was so drunk that he walked all the way to Belgium because he got lost on the way home from the bar...It could just be this new group of students coming into the area.

  14. Laura:Wow! I can't believe he walked to Belgium. I mean, its a quick drive but it's got to be at least an hour away on foot. I think I'd rather it be drunk people than a serial killer, but it does seem rather suspicious to me. Luckily there haven't been any more incidents since this one. Maybe the little caution signs they've put up are working.

  15. I am very late on this, and also very new. Hello!

    1.) Given that there have been four unrelated people, of a similar enough type, young, male, drunk, and in a specific area, one of which whom did not have the river on the way home, I am inclined to say serial killer.

    2.) I am a Forensic Technology student. It is incredibly difficult to prove homicide by drowning with no other harm to the body. It is also very easy to take advantage of someone who is drunk. With the police ruling these as accidental, and not knowing anything beyond cause of death, it's tough to make a proper judgement of the situation.

    Either way, it's good you're staying alert!


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