February 11, 2011


Puritans founded America, and our puritanical roots are still very evident in our culture, especially when it comes to sex. Europeans, however, had the intelligence to send the religious wackos out of their countries a long time ago, and were left with people more concerned about pleasure than the word of God.

I used to think that Puritanism was what kept sex a dirty word in America, but I now have a new theory. I think these differing views towards sex are simply reinforced through every day language.

What we call the different sexual positions greatly affects our opinion of them. Let’s take doggy style.

I think Katherine Heigle said it all in Knocked Up. When she is asked if she wants to do it doggy style, she responds with, “you’re not going to fuck me like a dog.”

In French, doggy style is called levrette. FBF has assured me this brings up absolutely no images of les chiens en train de faire l’amour (dogs making love). To them, it’s just another way to bring pleasure to your partner. No dogs about it.

Now if only Seth Rogan had instead asked her to do it levrette-style, they might not have had such awkward pregnant sex!


  1. Dang girl, you went on a commenting spree on my blog. Question-how did you find me?

    And VERY GOOD point on this. I hate Doggy-becuase it just sounds crass and makes me feel crass doing it that way. I think the French have got it right, pleasure, pleasure, pleasure.

  2. Hey Jenna! I actually found you when Sara in le Petit Village gave you the style blogger award. I think you're funny :)

    I think we should start a new trend and just call doggy-style levrette-style from now on! Or maybe French style since people seem to be into French kissing.

  3. Agreed. And how lame does the term "missionary" make sex sound?

  4. Hi Laura, just found your blog after you left a comment on mine! Another ex-pat in the good old north of France eh? I lived up there for 3 years...I taught at a high school in Carvin and then for a language company in Hénin Beaumont near Lens ;) Oh and I married a Ch'ti! Small world eh :)

  5. Hey Crystal! It is a small world! FBF's sister lives in Carvin. I didn't realize your French hubby was from le Nord! We Noristes got to stay together :)

  6. So... I was curious as to what the literal translation of levrette is. Google tells me it means "greyhound". So perhaps the French are just more specific? I suppose "greyhound style" sounds a bit more elegant than doggy style.

  7. Hey Matt! Yeah I tried to translate it literally as well, but FBF didn't know what greyhound was. So after much searching on wikipedia we discovered that levrette can be translated as the female version of a greyhound (who knew that greyhounds were actual dogs and not just a bus company?), but your average French person (ie my French friends) doesn't associate the word with the type of dog. FBF didnt' even know it was the female name for a type of dog. If you hear levrette you think of the sex position, but if you hear doggy style how can it not bring up images of dogs doing each other? I think that is where the difference lies.

    Thanks for reading my blog!

  8. Laura, Just a note to let you know that you've received a Stylish Blogger Award over at La Fourchette! (You had me laughing out loud with this post, by the way.)

  9. Doggy Style and Missionary... worst sex names ever!

  10. All I can do is laugh. French translations are awesome.


  11. Leslie: Thank you so much!! And I'm glad the post made you laugh :)

    Sara Louise: I totally agree! Unfortunately the French say missionnaire for Missionary.

    Linds: I know, right? Everything sounds prettier in French.


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