October 6, 2010


The only place FBF and I stayed in a hotel during his trip to California was in Las Vegas, NV. We got a room at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino. Upon our arrival, we went up to the 28th floor to find a room with a view of the strip. It was awesome.

View of the Monte Carlo hotel from the pool.

After unpacking, we decided to head down to the pool. The room had a safe and we decided to lock away our valuables. Since I was the first one at the safe, I decided the code.

“J’ai mit douze onze,” (I made it twelve eleven) I said. “C’est bon?” (Is that okay?)

“Oui c’est bon. En plus, c’est facile pour moi de le retenir. C’est l’anniversaire de ma mere,” (Yeah it’s good. Plus, it’ll be easy for me to remember. It’s my mom’s birthday) FBF replied.

“Ah bon?” (Oh really?) I said. “C’est le jour de l’annivesaire au marriage de mes parents! C’est pour ça que j’ai choisi ces chiffres” (It’s my parents' wedding anniversary! That’s why I chose those numbers).

“Ah bon?”

“Oui! How crazy is it that my parents got married on your mom’s birthday?”

“Really crazy. Alors pour l’anniversaire de ma mère, dans novembre-“ (So for my mom’s birthday, in November-)

“Novembre? Tu veut dire decembre?” (November? Don’t you mean December?)

“Non. Novembre.”

Then all of a sudden a light bulb went off in my head. Of course he meant November. For the French do dates backwards. Whereas we do month, then day, then year, the French do day, then month, then year. So while we were talking about the same numbers, we were definitely talking about different times of the year.

His mom’s birthday is Novemer 12th, and my parent’s wedding anniversary is December 11th. Although the events did not take place on the same day, we were still able to use those events to help us remember the code on our safe. I guess it doesn’t matter which way you look at a date, as long as you put the numbers in the right order when attempting to open the safe.

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