April 30, 2010

Le Barbec

FBF had a barbecue (BBQ) chez lui two weekends ago. Despite the fact that I didn’t know French people even had BBQs, it was pretty similar to an American BBQ, with a few exceptions.

Americans typically grill hamburgers and hotdogs. The French typically grill sausages. Otherwise, beer was drunk, chips were eaten, and people mingled. This time while hanging out, some people even passed around a soccer ball! Finally, there was an activity besides French conversation that I could partake in.

One moment stood out amongst the rest. I was super hungry as I hadn’t had the opportunity to enjoy my 5 o’ clock snack due to helping FBF set up for his barbec’. The first two guests arrived, and so we went into the backyard to enjoy the sunlight, one another’s company, and eat chips. As it got later and later, and the grill was still not anywhere close to being ready (we didn’t end up eating until 21h), I was still snacking on chips.

One of the two first arrivals, who I had never met before, turned to me and said, “Attention! Tu vas grossir.” (Careful! You’re going to get fat.)

I didn’t know how to act. I just laughed off my shock, and quietly thought, “Well, fuck you!”


  1. You will never be fat - what is a veggie to eat at the BBQ?

  2. Besides enough chips to make me gain five pounds in one evening? Haha. FBF fried me an egg, and I put it in a mini baguette creating a sandwich of sorts. They all told me this was weird.

  3. hahahahah, dude what bitches!! Fuck those cunts. That's right, cunts. I love that thought process LP! But you know, bitches be crazy n shit, so be chill. Also, I've put on a little weight. All fat, no muscle. Hahaha, ain't dat sweet?


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