November 24, 2009

Est-ce que tu pense que j'ai besoin de mon passport pour aller en Belgique?

I thought I was going to go to the cirque at carrefour with my new french friend William. We had discussed hanging out on Sunday, and through text messages I thought I had conveyed that I wanted to to go the circus and that he should come with me. I also thought that he had agreed that that'd be fun and would come over late afternoon so we could go.

At 17h00 he finally called me to let me know he was by my house. I put on my boots and my jacket, and walked out to the car. Once inside and proper hellos were said, I was told about our plans for the evening.

"So we're going to go to Belgium tonight to play billards," William said in a very matter of fact way, as if this had always been the plan.

"Oh, okay," I said, wondering when this change of itinerary had taken place. I was also a little surprised by how ordinary he made it all seem.

A minute or so of silence passed, when it hit me that I was being taken to Belgium, a foreign country. "Do you think I'll need my passport to go to Belgium?" I asked, a little puzzled by the entire ordeal.

"No," William answered. "Do you have an I.D. card on you?"

"Yeah I do, but not my passport."

"You'll be fine."

Ten minutes later William said, "so we're about to be in Belgium and you will see that it is exactly the same as France. Ready? Now we're in France... and now we're in Belgium!"

He was right. At the border nothing spectacular happened other than a sign saying I was now in Belgium. The buildings, road signs, and shops all looked the same. The real reason we went to Belgium, as William informed me before we got there, was that "beer and cigarettes are cheaper there." This fact makes Belgium the place to be and is where he and his friends spend their weekends. Bienvenue en Belgique!

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